HammerOn Press are a small, yet steadily growing, grassroots publishing label based in Bristol, UK.

We use the word ‘label’ instead of ‘company’ in homage to our roots in feminist/ queer do it yourself culture.

Our books are written by and for feminists, queers, nerds and weirdos.

History of the Press

HammerOn were founded in 2010 by Deborah Withers.

Inspired by the possibilities of print on demand printing and histories of independent publishing, she used HammerOn to publish a creative re-writing of her PhD thesis, rebirthed as Adventures in Kate Bush and Theory.

Since then HammerOn has roughly published one title per year.

The books have been collaborations between community organisations, artists, authors and designers, learning the processes of publishing as we have gone along.

We hope to continue our steady evolution, publishing the books we want to exist in the world.

What we publish

Our non-fiction titles combine critical theory and accessible writing.

They explore topics such as children’s and young adult literature, community heritage, gender, popular music, youth work, para-academia and the history of social movements.

Maybe you have an idea for a HammerOn title?

We love: experimental theory, all kinds of feminist histories (even the bad ones), work from independent scholars and precarious intellectuals, poetic thought, pedagogical resources for heritage and youth work, cultural histories and writing that translates ideas across different contexts.

In sum, we are keen to support writers and projects which understand that books are tools for making interventions in the world.

Contact us if you have an idea you want to discuss.