Mittens On

Have you ever heard of Mittens On?

Ablaze-2-508x734It is a DIY publishing house run by Karren Ablaze! who you may know as the brain and hustle behind the fanzine Ablaze! 

Ablaze! documented the UK’s independent music scenes in the late eighties and early nineties, including the arrival and influence of riot grrrl in the UK.

Karren started Mittens On in 2012 to produce the anthology The City is Ablaze!

The City is Ablaze! presents ‘a musical history of the late eighties and early nineties, a history that could only be obtained by surfing the sliproads, sneaking backstage at a thousand shows, sleeping on strangers’ floors and living to type up the tales of the sounds that defined an era.’

All the back copies of Ablaze! as well as the fastzine No! are also available through the Mittens On site.

In 2014 Mittens On published Mark Burgess’s memoir View From A Hill, and have many more exciting plans in the pipeline.

View-From-A-Hill2To learn more about the challenges of being a DIY publisher you can read Karren’s recent post.

You can also fill in the survey to help develop the Mittens On vision!