HammerOn Book Production

Book production is a complex and collaborative task.

It involves working with authors, of course, but also proof readers, copy editors and graphic designers.

We are lucky enough to know and work with a range of talented people who help get our books out into the world.

This post is a celebration of designers and copy editors who actually make books become a real life thing, whose work often goes if not unnoticed, then at least unsung.

Way back in 2010 Michal William designed the HammerOn logo. He also typeset Adventures in Kate Bush and Theory. The wonderfully talented graphic designer and illustrator Caroline Duffy designed the cover.

Jan Martin designed the catalogue for Sistershow Revisited: Feminism in Bristol, 1973-1975, which is probably our swankiest book and showcases Jan’s aptitude for elegant graphic expression.

We worked with Tamzin Forster to produce The Exciting Life of Being a Woman and Prejudice and Pride: LGBT Activist Stories from Manchester and Beyond, two complex and ambitious books from a graphic design perspective.

Eva Megias has designed and typeset Are the Kids All Right?, The Para-Academic Handbook and Fat Activism: A Radical Social Movement. Eva wins the prize for vibrant, ultra-gay design prowess.

Graeme Maguire helped design the cover concept for The Para-Academic Handbook.

Talented copy editors we have worked with include Hannah Austin of Austin Editorial and Natalie J Brown.

All of these folks are brilliant, hard working and creative maestros in their own right.

A massive thank you from HammerOn for helping us develop and grow.

Here’s to more books!