Fat Activism on Obesity Timebomb

Black and white cover of Charlotte Cooper's Fat Activism Over at Obesity Time Bomb Charlotte Cooper, author of the forthcoming HammerOn title Fat Activism: A Radical Social Movement, is blogging about the book in the run up to publication in January 2016.

Her first post discusses creating an index for her book.

She writes…

‘Doing the ground work for building an index is both boring and exciting. Trawling the text takes time and focus, it’s hard work, but the pleasure is in thinking about what this index might look like.

Here are some potential entries: Archives, Emotions, Grassroots, Killjoy, London Fat Women’s Group, Mama Cass, Power, A Queer and Trans Fat Activist Timeline, Radical Lesbian Feminism, Research Justice, Spud Guns, Standpoint, Venus of Willendorf, White Supremacy.

How might my understanding of fat have been different if I’d come across an index like this when I was researching fat activism? I feel some grief that nothing like this was out there, and now some hope that it’s going to exist.

Maybe other fat activism indices will exist in the future too.’

Read the full post here.