Fat Activism – Media Round Up

What a week it has been for Fat Activism!

The launch event on Friday at Gay’s the Word was simply lovely, and we sold out of all the copies we brought. Woop!

People are loving the book, as these reviews make clear.

Lynne Murray has the distinction of publishing the first online review of Fat Activism.

Murray praised Charlotte’s comprehensive research: ‘Fat Activism is an essential reference for those who want to know where the movement started and to get some ideas on where it can go from here. The breadth of Cooper’s research is amazing. Fat Activism is worth owning simply as a resource and a history of the movement. She seems to have studied and in most cases assessed almost every fat-related group, book or article created over the past 46 years. The 59-page bibliography alone is a Who’s Who and a What Happened When of fat activism.’

Ravishly cited Fat Activism in their 7 of the Best Body Positive Books to Take Into 2016 list.

Fat Positivity Belgium wrote ‘reading Cooper’s treat of a book lifts up the cause of Fat Activism from the margins to a central dialectic on the subject of body politics. Firmly at the intersections of Disability and Queer Activist discourses, Fat Activism seeks accessibility and the smashing of binaries. Cooper’s book will become a go-to source of inspiration over the years. It is required reading for anyone involved in the cause, as well as a companion to keep you going when times are tough and all seems bleak. Sophisticated and complex, she doesn’t shy away from tackling irksome problematics, rather discussing them in a way that is well-argued and thoroughly convincing, leaving no stone unturned. Her footnotes (which are prodigious) are as enlightening as the main body of her text.’

If you want to read some of the book, Open Democracy have published a excerpt on their website.

More reviews are planned for this week. Want to write one? Get in touch and we can send you a copy. We will need to know which publication the review will appear in and when. Reviews for academic journals welcome.

On Sunday Charlotte is speaking at Queer Caff in London, 6-10.30pm at the Field, New Cross.

Charlotte and HammerOn will also be at Weirdo Zine fest selling copies of Fat Activism and other HammerOn titles.

This exciting event is happening Sunday 31 Jan at DIY Space for London, 96-108 Ormside Road, London, SE15 1TF, 1-5.30pm.

If you can’t wait til then, you can of course buy a copy now through the HammerOn website in paperback and EPUB.