Charlotte Cooper performs at #BodySpectacular this Friday

On Friday night Charlotte Cooper, author of the HammerOn smash hit Fat Activism: A Radical Social Movement, will dance at the Wellcome Gallery as part of their Friday night #BodySpectacular programme.

On her Obesity Timebomb blog Charlotte explains the background to the performance:

“My friend E puts on events and curates things, as is the modern way. Earlier this year she asked if I would like to talk about my book at something she was involved with at the Wellcome Collection in London. For those not in the know, the Wellcome Collection is one of the world’s most august museums on medical history. They are very hot on art as a means of understanding medicine and bodies that have been medicalised. Like fat people.

I said yes, I was thrilled to have been asked, and also daunted […]

The way in which fat is framed throughout the institution and its sister organisations is very retrograde based on my experiences of rubbing up against it as a visitor and researcher. The public face of the institution’s attitude to fat people is located in a display in their Medicine Now exhibit called Obesity. This consists of a sculpture, weight loss technology, diet books, audio recordings of anti-obesity proponents and a token fat woman, and objects implying that people have become less active and over-reliant on labour-saving devices. As a depiction of Obesity Epidemic rhetoric and medicalised obesity discourse, it is pitch perfect. I experience it as a hate zone.


So I proposed a dance that I would dance with Kay Hyatt in the Obesity gallery. We’ve been working on a piece that would be suitable, called ‘But is it Healthy?’ The people at the Wellcome Collection said yes”.

Read the full blog post here.

Charlotte and Kay will be dancing to a sound track composed of home made beats and voices of fat activists Diane Denne, Judy Freespirit, Aldebaran and Judith Stein recorded by Karen Stimson in 1980.

For those unable to get a ticket for the event you can listen to the sound track here:

But Is It Healthy Beats by Charlotte Cooper, featuring Diane Denne, Judy Freespirit, Aldebaran and Judith Stein recorded by Karen Stimson in 1980.

Charlotte has also made a new zine, The Blob, which is available to download from Obesity Timebomb.

We wish Charlotte the best of luck for her performance on Friday, knowing that she will be amazing, as always.

Power to the beefer and Kay!!!