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Women’s Lives in Post-Revolutionary Iran: Photography, Desire and Resistance by the Iranian born and London based artist and curator Dr. Azadeh Fatehrad is a photographic-poetic meditation uncovering Iran’s feminist history.

The chance discovery of a photograph taken in Tehran on March 8, 1979 of women marching in the streets in protest against the introduction of the compulsory Islamic dress code marks the starting point for Fatehrad’s journey as a diasporic artist in search of her own history. Through her research she uncovers more about the spontaneous uprising of March 8, 1979 and the complex history of feminism in Iran in the 20th and 21st century.

The lives of women in Iran are explored across social, political and aesthetic contexts of veiling, unveiling and re-veiling. At the heart of the publication is the creation of an imaginary space of self-representation that responds, in poetic photographs and writing, to the legacy of the Iranian revolution on the representation of women in photography, literature and film. The text and images move adeptly between the documentary, the analytical and the personal to create an accessible and theoretically nuanced visual narrative that rewires history, and scholarly possibility.

Women’s Lives in Post-Revolutionary Iran demonstrates why forgotten archives can be reclaimed and used creatively to inspire new conversations and imaginaries of resistance. It offers a new form of evidence drawn from practice-based research that is academic, artistic and activist.

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Author Bio:

Dr Azadeh Fatehrad is an artist and curator based in London. Her research, artistic and curatorial practice are intertwined around a process of gathering information and generating new imagery in response to archival material she encounters. Her interdisciplinary research overlaps discourses such as political science, sociology, representation, photography and moving image, architecture, as well as cultural studies. Fatehrad’s practice ranges from still and moving images to fictional stories, short films and artist books. She has exhibited her work internationally in London, Vancouver, Amsterdam and Tehran. Fatehrad is currently a post-doctoral research fellow at Kingston University in London and curator of Beyond the Frame in partnership with Iniva, UAL, and the Liverpool Biennial.


‘This refreshing and evocative book brings new light to the study of how women in Iran are represented at home and abroad. Tracking images of Iranian women in photography, film, poetry, fiction, and philosophy, Azadeh Fatehrad locates the experience of state-mandated unveiling and veiling within the spaces of the home and society, revealing how changes to the urban fabric coalesce with new veiling regulations to foster and inhibit access to public life for women in Iran. Bringing her own artist’s eye to the subject, Fatehrad explores how visual behaviours of looking and averting the gaze – often indiscernible to outsiders -are learned, imposed, and resisted by women and men across the generations and across the political spectrum.’

Reina Lewis, Professor of Cultural Studies, London College of Fashion, UAL. Author of Muslim Fashion: Contemporary Style Cultures.

‘Azadeh Fatehrad shares her research with great sincerity. Her book gives a rare glimpse into some of the day-to-day affairs of Iranians — Iran is a huge topic and this is a very welcome addition to the growing literature about the country.’

Professor Arshin Adib-Moghaddam, SOAS, University of London. Author of Psycho-Nationalism: Global Thought, Iranian Imaginations.

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Cover image from: Azadeh Fatehrad (2015), Departure Series, C-type print, Tehran

Design: Eva Megias