Adventures in Kate Bush and Theory

Author: Deborah M. Withers,

‘An in-depth labour of love from a genuine Bush fanatic,’ Mark Radcliffe.



Author: Deborah M. Withers

Adventures in Kate Bush and Theory presents Kate Bush as you have never seen her before. Encounter the polymorphously perverse Kate, the witchy Kate, the queer Kate; the Kate who moves beyond the mime.

Through in-depth readings of the often critically neglected works of Bush’s career (The Kick Inside, Lionheart, The Dreaming, The Red Shoes and her film The Line, the Cross and the Curve), Withers guides the reader through the complexity of Bush’s art and how it transformed popular culture.

‘An in-depth labour of love from a genuine Bush fanatic’ Mark Radcliffe

‘I have never in my life laughed out loud while reading cultural theory. Until now! Deborah Withers has created a text that is a dream come true for gender studies, musicology and fandom. This is just what we hoped for, a weaving of theory, historical data, imagination and activism tied with astute observation and wry wit. This intense semi-biographical read through the oeuvre of Kate Bush is something to be proud of. Cultural Studies has met its match in a readable stretch of the boundaries of theory and genres.’

Allyson Mitchell, artist and scholar

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