HammerOn Press is a grassroots publisher of accessible and rigorous scholarship based in Bristol, UK.

We are now accepting proposals from authors and editors for new books that can help our list grow over the next few years.

HammerOn want to help our authors create the book they always wanted to write.

Our aim is to publish books that are readable, engaging, well-researched and challenge established thinking.

So, why publish with HammerOn?

Here are a few very good reasons…

You want to write for audiences in and outside academia

HammerOn Press are committed to publishing works that ‘translate’ academic ideas for non-specialist audiences. We are keen to break down barriers and elitism. We want to empower people with knowledge that can help them transform and understand the world around them.

You want to earn money from your writing and research

HammerOn offer competitive royalties for authors. This means that all you precarious knowledge workers can get some financial return for your labour.

Royalties gained from sales may also provide a modest funding stream for marginalised, risky or politically engaged research projects.

You have a written a book (or want to) that fits in with our other titles

Until now, HammerOn have published books that try to communicate academic ideas to non-academic audiences.

Our books have covered a range of topics including: the representation of queer characters in children’s books, the experiences and knowledge of precarious academics, the music of Kate Bush, marginal histories in feminist and queer social movements and the social memory of communism.

We’d love to publish more books about the history of feminist/ queer social movements and education activism.

We’re pretty nerdy though. We like to read, think and learn about lots of different things.

It’s probably best if you tell us about your idea and we can go from there.

You want to transform how scholarly work is written and communicated

Academic writing can be dry and conservative at times. It prefers to avoid rather than embrace risk taking. Perhaps you desire to instill a more lyrical, poetic edge to your writing that is simply not possible within academic conventions. Or you want to write something that is subjective, implicated and knowingly partial.

Maybe you to want to genuinely explore interdisciplinary thinking in order to invent new forms of knowledge that do not yet exist, but dare to be written.

You may also want to loosen the knot of discourse that smothers perfectly good ideas to death, infusing them with vibrancy and abandon while remaining committed to the practical, lived application of ideas.

If any, or all of these reasons resonate – maybe even tingle slightly – perhaps HammerOn is the place for you, and we welcome you to get in touch.

You want to learn more about publishing

Publishing with HammerOn is a far more intimate affair than working with larger publishers. By virtue of this fact, you are likely to learn more about how to publish a book.

We also want you to know how to do it, so will answer any questions you have, and de-mystify the processes of book production as we go along.

Once you have that knowledge you might want to share it with others and help more independent publishing ventures to grow.

What our authors have said about working with HammerOn

“I have authored other books and I’ve made things by myself, but this has been my best experience of publishing. Writing and publishing a book is hard work but this has been a great experience so far, I have learned a lot about how to make a book and I’ve relished the autonomy I’ve had in terms of marketing and promoting the work. I feel very proud of it, of us. HammerOn are collaborative, open to ideas, ethical, thoughtful, kind and sensitive. I really appreciate the activist, queer, feminist, DIY and para-academic values, experience and skills that permeate the press and its publications. I look forwards to seeing how it grows over time, and I am excited about the ideas that HammerOn is putting out into the world. If you have ever thought about writing a book, I would encourage you to approach HammerOn with all my might.” Charlotte Cooper

Submitting a proposal

Your proposal should include:

This call is now open until it closes.

We look forward to hearing from you!