Month / May 2015

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  • Australian Para-Academic Handbook Launch text by Ruth Barcan

    At the Australian launch of The Para-Academic Handbook in December 2014 Ruth Barcan, author of Academic Life and Labour: Hope and Other Choices , read out the text below.  It outlines all the reasons why The Para-Academic Handbook is an awesome book. Enjoy! — Laments about the decline of the university are not new. In the mid nineteenth…

  • Margaret Mayhew’s Para-Academic illustrations

    As part of her contribution to The Para-Academic Handbook, Margaret Mayhew did these amazing diagrams. Get your copy of The Para-Academic Handbook in the HammerOn Press sale which ends Sunday night!

  • HammerOn Press sale

    HammerOn Press sale! Until next Sunday, 24 May 2015.* 10% off + free shipping if you buy 1 title. Apply the coupon hmr10 at the HammerOn online shop. 20% off + free shipping if you buy 2 titles or more. Apply the coupon hmr20 at the HammerOn online shop.

  • HammerOn titles

    How many HammerOn titles have you got on your shelf? Visit the shop to get your mits on the missing parts of your collection!